some thoughts on the postsecret event last night

  • Frank Warren is cute. I almost said my secret is that I have a crush on him.
  • I didn't bring my books to have them signed. It would have been pretty cool, but the line was long.
  • People shared secrets. Some were powerful, some... weren't.
  • Frank said he receives about 1,000 secrets a week and only posts about 20. Now we know why he doesn't post the other 980. Because they are probably uninteresting.
  • An attractive person can become unattractive when they go up to the mike and open their mouths. Brad agrees.
  • Frank takes it all very seriously. This is good because if it were me, I would yell at the microphone ramblers... SPIT IT OUT!
  • The best part was learning about the SECRET secrets... the ones that didn't make it into the book because, for example, Mickey Mouse would sue your ass.
  • The funny secrets are great.
  • Brad, Joe and I all knew going in that none of us would be sharing a secret. Or crying (although I almost cried). It was bit of a relief.

Questions I should have asked:

  • Has anyone ever shown up at your house? (The PostSecret address is Frank's home address)
  • Where do you keep all the postcards? (Frank keeps all secrets that are sent to him.)
  • Do you do all the legwork yourself? Scanning the postcards, sorting them, etc.

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