Happy VD!

Hope your day is full of love and chocolate and hearts and everything else VD is about!

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some (more) things you may not know about me.

Thought it was time for an update to this old list (most of which are still true)

  • I fall asleep nearly every night with my lamp on, propped up on my husband pillow and more often than not still holding the book or magazine I was reading. Brad says this makes me older than my years. He is probably right.
  • I still listen to, and buy, Jay-Z's music. Ever since The Vegan told me Jay feature dogfighting in his 99 Problems video, I've felt guilty every time I admire his lyrics (Save the narrative/You saving it for marriage/let's keep it real/you saving it for carats). I HATE Michael Vick for glorifying dogfighting, why not Jay-Z? I'll tell you why-- I <3 near-rhyme
  • When Joe and I got engaged in Vegas, I repeatedly told him we should "just get married and look we can do it right here!" However, we were NOT pre-married.
  • Before Joe and I went to Vegas and got engaged, I told my mother I thought "Joe and I should just get married in Vegas." She agreed.
  • I also told HotCop, who knew Joe was planning to propose and called him immediately to warn him. She also suggested we "buy you a nice white shift dress, just something to wear in case."
  • I also told my friend Jen I wanted to get married in Vegas. She said "Aww, but it would be so fun to come to your wedding."
  • I can't remember if I mentioned any of this to Joe prior to the Vegas trip.
  • Our wedding and surrounding events were just about the most fun I've ever had.
  • I enjoy watching The Girls Next Door. The girls are, for the most part, annoying and stupid. But I can't stop watching.
  • I am obsessed with cycling movies on my Netflix queue. For a while I was even taking the movies to the post office mailbox because I thought they were getting returned faster (the next day as opposed to two days later).
  • Though I do miss Virginia, I don't miss the weather or the bridge-tunnel.
  • I love food. (You may have known this about me already).
  • Chances are, I read your blog.
  • I am far more scandalized by some of the things my college-age relatives and friends seem to be doing than I should be -- considering the stupid things I did at that age.
  • I REALLY want to buy a king-sized bed with our tax return money. Also dining room chairs. Does this mean I'm a Real Grown Up?
  • My mother told me she is still waiting to feel grown up.
  • I know grocery shopping on an empty stomach is dangerous. I also know buying stuff that isn't on my list is dangerous -- that is how we end up with THREE cans of whipped cream.
  • I have been more sniffly and sneezy this year than any year in the past.
  • I once texted Joe to ask if there was anything LESS sexy than nasal spray. He proceeded to picture-message me a photo of Beatrice.
  • I still think nasal spray is less sexy than my cat.
  • I'm not sure how I raised such a poorly-behaved and sometimes mean cat. I hope this does not bode ill of my parenting skillz.
  • I would need to get ride of shoes, purses and clothes in order for there to be room for a kid in our current home. If you've met me you know this ain't happening.
  • I'm excited for 1.20.2009.

What are some things I may not know about you?

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Originally uploaded by kackie

Still free...

On the Bud tour

On the Bud tour
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My favorite beer is free beer!


four weddings and a funeral

2008 was a year of change. Isn't every year one of change? I guess it would be more apt to say 2008 was a year of Change.

Of this variety:

(photo by Dave/David/The Choice)

And this one:


Rest in peace, Grandma

Also this:

tan and the bride


Jen and Dave Wedding 059

(Not Joe)

And this:


I would not be me if I failed to mention this:


And my hair is darker:


I hope 2009 brings us all many unexpected joys.

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last new mexican breakfast...

last new mexican breakfast...
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more green chili please.

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I have an irrational hatred of Phillip Rivers. There is no real reason for me to hate him; I'm not a Broncos fan -- not even by marriage -- but I just want to smack his stupid face.

See? Irrational, VIOLENT hatred of Phillip Rivers.

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