we don't negotiate with newpsies.

The little sister and Taylor are the ONLY things saving this season so far.

Some thoughts...

  • Kaitlin is GREAT. GREAT! She is what Julie Cooper-Nichol used to be. Even Ryan fell for her little game.
  • I HAAAATE HAAAATE the stupid surfer Johnny. HAAATE him. Every time he comes on screen with his puppy dog eyes and curling-iron styled hair I want to gauge my eyes out. GOOO AWAAAAYYYYY!!
  • I love seeing Marissa get dressed in her coture in the trailer. I also love the cheesy references to Gus.
  • I'm tired of Marissa and her self-righteousness. Always wanting to help people and do the right thing. Gak.
  • Are you sure you just told her my dad voted for John Kerry? (Summer)

    Please note the cheese factor:

  • I know what it's like to fall for a Cooper girl. (Ryan)
  • Be careful around her... she's amazing... (random dude).

Next week... Seth smokes weed? Annoying surfer and fabulously bad little sister get together?



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