In line at Walgreens:

Cashier: (rings up pregnancy test) Oh! Congratulations!
Lady in front of me: Well, maybe.
Cashier: You know, sometimes, I say that to people and they don't want congratulations.
Lady: Well, it's their own fault.

This pisses me off on a couple levels:
1. It's none of the cashiers fucking business why that lady is buying a pregnancy test. Does she congratulate people who buy Nicorette? Or tampons? Congratulations, you're not pregnant. Excedrin? Congratulations, you have a headache. Friendly, impersonal service is good enough for me.
2. Sometimes birth control fails. That's the bottom line.

The only person who can tell kids not to have sex before marriage... is the person who didn't have sex before they got married. Otherwise you're a hypocrite. Sure, tell your kid it's in their best interest not to do it. Having sex, smoking, drinking underage. How well do most kids listen to their parents about any of that? How well did YOU listen to your parents?

Sorry, parents...



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