fridge watching.

My blogging philosophy is simple: if you can't think of something, steal someone else's idea. Therefore, here is my fridge for you to watch:

Erika & Joe's Fridge:


Grapes, a big bowl of the soup I made that was too spicy, some homemade chicken stock defrosting to make the soup less spicy, cat food and a 12 pack of diet Pepsi. Plus various types of cheeses in the top drawer and both crispers filled mostly with veggies.

This fridge is from Superior, Colorado.


The fridge door. Two kinds of mustard, two kinds of salsa (there is a third not on the door), three kinds of salad dressing, Coke, mayo, coffee beans, Velveeta, a random energy drink, and the largest bottle of ketchup Target sells.


Frozen corn, Brad's soy ice cream, frozen pizza, Smart Ones, frozen edamame, more homemade chicken stock, buns, low fat ice cream sandwiches, Girl Scout cookies and misc meats.


The freezer door. Three types of peas, more Girl Scout cookies, Boca burgers, chicken wings, the heels of the bread waiting to be turned into bread crumbs and some leftover poached chicken I made.

What's in your fridge?

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