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It seems that Joe Francis, the 32-year-old creator of "Girls Gone Wild" and former Paris Hilton squire, had a rough day in court this week. Francis, who made a mint peddling softcore porn videos of regular gals persuaded into baring their breasts, went to court claiming that last year he was the victim of robbery, kidnapping and extortion at his Bel Air, Calif., home. But, according to the Times, Ronald Richards, the defense counsel, turned the tables on Francis, asking "about a theft arrest in North Carolina, and a case pending in Florida alleging that he filmed minors for one of his videotapes and was charged with racketeering, prostitution, obscenity, child pornography and possession of an illegal drug."

Francis pleaded the Fifth.

So, Francis is a sleaze -- no big surprise? Wait -- the real money shot comes when we learn the exact nature of Francis' charges. In court testimony, Francis identifies his attacker as 28-year-old Darnell Riley, and alleges that the man "stole cash and possessions and then forced him to make a humiliating, half-naked video ...[and] threatened to distribute the video unless Francis paid him $300,000 to $500,000." (Emphasis ours.)

Read the original LA Times Article: 'Girls Gone Wild' Creator Probed About Criminal Record.



  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger TheGirard said…

    mmm....GGW FTW!!!

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger thisismarcus said…

    That's funny. They tore Mr. Francis a new one on The Daily Show when he donated the proceeds from a GGW video made in New Orleans to the Hurricane Relief Fund. Not sure I see the bad in that situation, however...


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