• I love getting my hair cut. Love having my hair washed, love discussing the new possibilities with my hairdresser, love going in to the salon looking like crap and coming out of it a new woman, love gossiping with my hairdresser.
  • Joe and I cannot find a Chinese place in Norfolk we both like. The vegetables are overcooked, they don't have the cheese wontons (you know, the fried kind), or the General Tso's chicken has a strange spongy texture.
  • My mother is a more patient woman than I am.
  • "Eet's not ahh tumaahh" or something like that. Turns out my week-long headache MAY have been a sinus headache, or a long migraine, or because of the CONSTANT, DRAMATIC weather change (damn global warming.) But, I don't seem to have any neurological problems (other than the ones we all know I have). No tumor.
  • I had a great sandwich today: cucumber, orange bell pepper, sundried tomatoes (the kind kept in olive oil), Spring Mix (fancy salad in a bag) and cream cheese on a perfectly toasted bagel. SO GOOD. Sandwich is hard to spell.

Time for a Coke Float. It's the little things.



  • At 7:52 AM, Blogger Brad said…

    You guys don't like Kin's Wok even?


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