like old times.

HotCop and I actually hung out together this weekend-- outside of church or our house. This was a big step in the friendship of two girls who would much rather watch TiVo on the couch than do just about anything.

So, we went to the happy hour she won. We hung out with a couple of her work colleagues: The One Who Was Engaged to His Cousin, The One I Went to Middle School With, The One Who Broke Her Foot While Having Sex and The One Whose Shoes Were Too Big.

Her best buddy on the force showed up late-night, but that was after the The Ebay Addict and I left because I was so drunk I couldn't hold myself up.

Quote of the Night: "If someone peed in me, I'd be pissed."

Big weekend, lotsa stuff went on, none of which will I write about on the internet.

Except: French Fries still = Miracle Hangover Cure.

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