dad's day.

dad_grandmaMy dad and I get along really well. I think this is because I'm very similar to my mom, and, well, he likes my mom. 33 years of like.

My dad is the first person I call for advice about most things. The sink is clogged? Call Dad. Job offer? Call Dad. Crapass landlord calls to say we have to move out? Call Dad. Most of the time it's "Call Dad and cry."

My dad retired at the end of last month, and at his retirement ceremonies his favorite thing to say was "Paula followed me around for 30 years... now it's my turn."

My dad is a great son. He flies out to Iowa to pick up his mother and fly back to Virginia with her so she can spend time with us. He arranged it so there's always something on my grandpa's grave-- a flag for Memorial Day, a wreath for Christmas, flowers in the spring. He never told us he did that, Grandma happened to mention it when we were out to visit a couple years ago.

My dad is a patient brother. He will spend hours on the phone with his sister and help her with her husband, who's been incapacitated by too many years of drinking.

My dad is out of town today, so that's why I'm not spending Father's Day with him.

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