Did any other Virginian vote in the Democratic primary yesterday? You could've, you know, since it doesn't matter on which side of the line you fall.

I voted. I love to vote. If I'm still in VA in '08, I'll vote in the Republican primary for President. BECAUSE I CAN. Since The Big Move, I've switched precincts, back to where I was first registered, where my parents' still vote-- my elementary school. It's only the second time I've actually voted there the only other time was some local business. I remember my mom saying "Go vote, Daddy* will tell you who to vote for." In '00 I absenteed it from G-burg. If only I'd accidentally mailed it to Florida...

Voting is great!

*She's always called him Daddy to my sisters and me. Not "your dad" or "Jim." It could get confusing sometimes, because she would sometimes refer to my dad (Daddy) and her dad (Daddy) in the same conversation. Sheesh

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