While I do miss working downtown, there are certain advantages to the "new" job's location.

Well, advantage, anyway. It's proximity to Marshalls. Where is good to get home decor stuff? Marshalls! Designer purses, with dusters? Marshalls!! Kitchen utensils? Marshalls! VD-themed placemats for only $7.99? Marshalls!!

The Marshall's trip during Friday's lunch was only the beginning of the Ultimate Shopping Weekend. Saturday took my mom, Cristina and me to Dillard's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Ann Taylor Loft, Coldwater Creek, J.Jill, the gelato store and BJ's. And Cristina went to Lowe's. One of my favorite purchases was my $25 slicover from B,B&B, which can be seen here and here. Please note the pillow in the second picture. When I did this while experimenting with the cover this weekend Cristina told me "It just looks like you put a couch pillow on it." Huh. Keeping in mind that the camera flash is a much harder light than we have in the living room, which is better, with or without the pillow?

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  • At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought "VD themed place mats" meant "venereal disease" themed. I can now see that I was quite mistaken. That would make for a very awkward dining experience.


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