Party Girl

This past weekend I did something I haven't done since the waning days of Decipher: I went out two nights in a row.

Friday night, we "celebrated" Brad's departure. You may have read about the departure elsewhere (scroll down to 3/29). Dave's pictures are much better composed than mine, but here is a picture of the honoree:

Brad's Going Away 003

and the honoree and me*:

Brad's Going Away 010

(good of me, not so good of Brad)

and this one, my favorite:

Brad's Going Away 012

Saturday night was Sara's bachelorette party at Bar Norfolk. Why there, you may be asking yourself, that place is so dirty. Indeed, my friends, it is dirty. But they have the bar for dancing and the swing for swinging.

The honoree:


Me* and the maid of honor at the end of the night taken by the drunk bachelorette:


*please note how good my hair looks in all these pictures

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