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The past couple weeks have been crazy. I helped HotCop get ready for her Pampered Chef party then helped her clean up from it. I served on a jury last Tuesday then threw my own hostess party last week on Saturday, then drove to Wakefield for a bridal shower on Sunday. I spent this week running around seeing Tom, who was in town on business, finishing up my taxes, selling stuff on Craigslist (anyone in the market for a Coach purse?), doing laundry for the first time in two weeks, and then was too lazy by the end of the week to meet Brad and the Aw-zee for the DJ last night, if they even made it.

HotCop and I were supposed to go look at bridesmaids dresses this morning, but her schedule changed. That got pushed til tomorrow, when I'm also planning to meet fellow bridesmaid Susie so we can plan bridal shower #2, to be hosted at my house next Saturday. This is not HotCop's shower, it's for the girl who picked the yellow dress. So far, no one has RSVP'd. I'm not surprised, however, as the invitations only went out Wednesday.

Plus, it was a shitty week at work with sporadic outages which means my phone rang ten times as much as it usually does, and the customers were 5 times as mad.

Now I'm sitting here with nothing to do and wallowing. Oh, Beatrice, why doesn't anyone want to spend time with me? But if I'm called to go out tonight? Veronica Mars, Jesus Camp and Tivo will probably take precedent.

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