not a lot to say.

I love words, though I don't have anything specific to say right now.

Had a lovely dinner with Bb and Joe this evening... Good to catch up (all sober and stuff) and hear stories about Joe's decorating skills, times in Vegas, and boys, boys, boys!!

This is the time of year I tend to hibernate. Summer's ending, winter hasn't begun. Last fall Kate and I would stay in and just hang. Then autumn turned in to winter and you could find me most Saturdays at Scotty Quixx or Guadalajara.

When a friend informs you of her impending out-of-state move in a text message, does that count as telling you? Bb said tonight a text is how you communicate without actually communicate; you can say you're sorry without the humility, you can say inappropriate things without the repercussions, you can point to it in your defense. "But... didn't you get my text?"

If you cared, you would call. If you cared, you would answer the phone when I call. If you cared, you would be in touch other than times when you feel depressed.

No, I don't think I will be showing up at the County Grill on Halloween.

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