opposite PETA...

...is what I started calling this organization in my head when I heard the teaser for their story on Marketplace.

Check out the whole story. I don't care this guy is Republican. I care he's a fake. YES I KNOW DEMOCRATS CAN BE FAKE, TOO. POLITICAL AFFILIATION IS NOT THE POINT.

For the lazy link-clickers (yes, self, you are one of them)-- a Congressman from California has been accused of taking trips paid for illegally by a private "environmental" nonprofit. Essentially, he is reaping the political benefits of supporting an organization which:

...tax documents show its financial backers include the Japan Whaling Association, the International Fur Traders Association, and a company that was shut down after its president was convicted of smuggling and of violating endangered species protections. The chemical company Monsanto is another major IFCNR funder.


Now, the people at that organization in Norfolk are not exactly the... ahem... sanest of folks... or most understanding... or even really effective. And, yes, they've had their PR nightmares recently... but holy smokes! At least they don't secretly support, say, Jennifer Lopez's clothing line!

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  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger DavĂ­d said…

    I was just having a conversation with friends the other night and one mused that there is probably a "People against PETA" organization out there.

  • At 1:56 PM, Anonymous sarah said…

    There are quite a few "People against PETA" organizations, actually.


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