my blog was so much better when i was unemployed.

We've all seen random Google searches end up at our blogs.

Welcome to those who can't seem to pay attention anymore! Hi! I have no medical advice for you or your child!

Anyway, I recently had a referral from someone who YahooSearched "Hiccups on Oprah." Wha?

I clicked through and there I was: the 5th hit. I couldn't resist finding out WHEN I wrote about hiccups and/or Oprah. Apparently, it was in August, when I was unemployed. Ahhh... the day I defined things as "before or after Oprah" and couldn't shake a case of the hiccups.

Along with the Oprah hiccup post I found several other actual written blog posts there in the August archive. Including one of the earliest baby panda posts (sniff, sniff). And also posts about Wal-Mart! Stensvertigo! Bar Crawls! My dad! The L-Word! I had a life!

My blog didn't used to suck.



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