now there's a smell.

We survived! P-har, HotCop and I made it to bed about 5:00 Friday morning. I felt bad for our neighbors who had to listen to Miguel use his vaccuum thing to suck up the water in our place for an hour or so. That should cost the landlord about $1100 but that's what they get for hiring Surly & Unhelpful Maintenance Man, the one who did nothing but pull up our carpet at the bottom of the stairs despite three or so previous phone calls. Who am I kidding? I would be surly & unhelpful if I got called in to work at 3 am or on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, Beatrice, Mean Ol' Sandy, HotCop and I are all fine although the cats are like "Guys? Guys, seriously, can we just get this weird, loud machine out of the downstairs? Because, ya know, since all the furniture is pushed over to the side of both the living room and the dining room we'd really like to tear around and chase each other." Alas, they cannot tear around and chase each other with the carpet flapping like crazy as the industrial strength blower dries it out. The RIDGID AIR MOVER 3 SPEED 1600 CFM only comes in putrid orange apparennly which really does nothing for my decor. (The picture does not do the ugliness of ours justice). However, I love the RIDGID AIR MOVER 3 SPEED 1600 CFM. Let's face it, I also love Miguel.
  • New carpet downstairs (this from the mouth of the property manager) because though the carpet looks fluffy and like it just had two nice baths, there is, in fact, a smell. Smell= mold or mildew or other grossness.
  • A new vaccuum cleaner. Because no amount of water is good for a regular old vac.
  • A new paint job in the front hall. Because Surly & Unhelpful Maintenance man seems to have exploded his wet vac there (you like how I made that his fault?).
After all of that I would just like the opportunity to live someplace without a broken toilet, crack in the bathtub, leak in the wall, squishy place on the carpet, or ANY OTHER REASON TO MOVE MY FURNITURE AGAIN. At least until the lease is up.

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  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger Shocho said…

    That thing looks really cool. Sorry about the smell.

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger Dave(id) said…

    1600 cubic feet per minute, wow, i need to get one, for what I don't know.

    Good luck with your Mr. Surly.


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