That's all I can say...

Oh, and...

No more bar crawls for me. I mean it. No.More.Bar.Crawls. Remember the After the Wine Festival photo? Multiply that by 100 and then you have how I looked (and felt!) all day yesterday. No.More.Bar.Crawls.

No more drunken texting for me. I say mean things, then empty my Outbox and can't remember what they were. No.More.Drunken.Texting.

Ah-ha! I just remembered what the name of the English/Math/Computer Science Anthropology Building is at my alma mater. Just as quickly it slipped away. It starts with a G and I can't get "Gibraltar" out of my head...GLATFELTER! That's it. There was a boy in my class with GLATFELTER as a last name. Wonder how he got in. (The stairs you see in the lower RH corner of the photo are to the horrible modern Psych building, of which I cannot remember the name. It had a funny smell.)

Glatfelter Lodge was my favorite building on campus. Cute, huh? I think it used to be a fraternity house. Why would anyone put dirty fraternity boys in that lovely little building? Perhaps they were not as dirty back in the day...



  • At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Lyndsey Rago said…

    Mc-something...that was the name of the psych building. McCarthy? McCreary?!!!

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger erika said…

    McCreary! absolutely.

    with the bio department. and the smell!


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