"i'm the girl from the bar"

Some thoughts/remaining questions from last night's Grey's Anatomy:

  • Completely boring how they wrote Burke off the show. "He turned in his resignation two weeks ago." Meh.

  • Are Meredith and McDreamy actually broken up this time?

  • Izzie was irritating until the end.

  • What was WITH the deer? I guess it set it up for the Bambi misunderstanding. And that father: "When you eat hamburger, that is cow." Are you serious?

Predictions (any or all):

  • McSteamy and McSister.

  • McSister and Karev.

  • Karev and Christina.



road snackin'

Many things were good and adventurous and fun in the past couple of weeks. HotCop's wedding, packing all my earthly possessions into a trailer, driving across the country, etc.

The thing about which I am most compelled to write, however, is the donut my sister and I split while we were on the road.

DISCLAIMER: My description of this donut will not in anyway do it justice.

First: here is a photo of the place we purchased said donut:

drive in

(A quality shot, taken through the windshield while I held the cat).

The Donut Drive-In is in St. Louis, and was featured on Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt.

(As we were planning on being in St. Louis mid-day, mid-week and with-cat, we didn't find it prudent to bother certain friends who live in or around St. Louis to "Hey! Come have lunch real quick with us while we stress out about a cat in the car!" )

This Buttermilk donut was a dream come true. A food-gasm, if you will. It had afabulous sugar-crust on the outside, a cakey interior and a creamy center. Not creamy as in filled or creamy as in under-done. Creamy as in dreamy. The perfect combination of textures:

world's best donut

One regret: that we did not buy a dozen. Or four. I enjoyed that donut.

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made it.

I made it to CO. More on this later.