internets, it's true. we took advantage of them.

Not the same night
Here is my advice: if your is closing its doors, don't invite Joe, Brad and me. Chances are we'll perform some illegal and/or shady maneuver.

Here is my request: don't turn us in to the authorities.

I didn't even remember this first anecdote until last night. We were headed to a local Mexican place which was closing down after over 30 years of business. We were discussing what the restaurant would be like on its last night when Joe said "Knowing us, we'll walk out on the bill."

And that's when it came back to me. We neglected to pay our last tab at the infamous Wonder Bar. The place was mostly empty and only one bartender was working that night-- the random guy who always provided the worst service of all the waitstaff at WB. I think we only had one drink each that night. We discussed it for 10-15 minutes before ducking out when the bartender was at the other end of the bar. Please don't turn us in, we practically kept that place in business!!

I actually feel more guilty about what happened last night-- and I wasn't even party to it. When we arrived, the place was packed. I dropped off the guys to get our names on the list while I parked the car. When I got in, there were maybe 20 people waiting (mostly in parties of 3 or 4) and the guys were no where to be found. I called Joe. "We're in the back, at the table." Uh, ok.

I sat down at what was clearly a 2-top set for three and asked how they got seated so quickly.

When they walked in, Brad explained, the hostess was calling for "Joe, party of two." Joe (who claimed to be unaware of the fact that Brad had not yet put in our name) said, quite truthfully, "I'm Joe. Except, we have three. Right? Three?" He looked at Brad.


The hostess said it was fine, they could easily remedy that. Thus, we stole the table from poor Joe and his or her husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/companion/etc.

And the queso tasted that much cheesier.

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in case it wasn't clear: i'm not voting for McCain.

"I don't want a president with a bucket list."

- Chris Rock


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quote of the day

"I'm just another squirrel in this world, and I'm still trying to get my nut."

- Kimbo Slice

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it was a long trip, folks

joe & sword

Yet so short at the same time. I tried to mo'blog, but there is SO LITTLE in Nebraska and Iowa-- and this includes CELL SERVICE.

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Flack Gobbler Palin

What would your name be if Sarah Palin was your mama?

I used my first and middle names.

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joe loves it when i show up to the sports bar.

Joe: The Packers just played double their score.
Me: Like the Video Bonus on Cash Cab!!
Brad: Except, not enough people take the Video Bonus. It's usually so easy.
Me: I know. Double your money!

Truthfully, I probably wouldn't take the Video Bonus on Cash Cab unless Joe was there to make me.

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another use for the new afghan.


Makin' a purrito.

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Mexican sundae

Mexican sundae
Originally uploaded by kackie

Mexican sundae

Joe sent this to me.

Joe's favorite part: "bad Disney movie."
My favorite part: The whole thing. Matt Damon is cute. And also, you know, saying important stuff.

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quote of the day

"Even though you’re paying your own bills at your own house, you still got to tell your mama where you are going now."

- V. Young

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i <3 the daily show

fantasy football leaguers all around the country just let out a collective scream...

My sister is going to be pissed!!!

Oh, Captain America-- how will I know who to rank first in the "Cutest Quarterback" football pool?

Seriously though... ouch!!

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beautiful bride, fun parties 2

Another month, another wedding. I'm feeling sad there is only one wedding left in 08 :-(

Joe's sister married the nicest guy this weekend. Now they are off to Tennessee for a honeymoon and Joe's sadness about our "delayed honeymoon" grows ever deeper. Got to know my sister-in-law much better, which was great as she is pretty shy. Wait! I know what will make her feel less shy! I'll post pictures of her on the interwebnets!

The bride and groom share their first dance:

First Dance

Their cat takes advantage of my carelessness w/ my bridesmaid dress:

Wishes she could wear the dress

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OMG, ya'll.

Hypercolor is back? That's wack, yo.

I had a blue Hypercolor shirt that turned pink (I think). I do remember putting it in the freezer so that it would be all the original color. Anyone else have Hypercolor?

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