guys! the comments are fixed!

New to me this season:
Anxiously awaiting Veronica (or more accurately Logan)
Really, really not giving a shit when(if?) The OC is going to be back.

New to all of us:

Brothers & Sisters (eh)
Kidnapped! (I still have the second half of the show waiting on TiVo)
Studio 60 (I have a thing for Amanda Peet and Josh! I've missed you! Where's Donna?)

Like seeing old friends again:
Grey's Anatomy (McDreamy, anyone? Has he really always been such an ass? Is George cuter this year?)
Gilmore Girls (Lorelei is a robot and are Logan & Rory over? Or have we seen that too many times?)

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It could be that Kiss the Girls wasn't the best choice of movies to watch tonight.


In the thunder storm.

Good movie, though.

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I see your bird...and raise you one police officer.

pickin' the nose

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empty apartment.

Joe gives a tour of his empty apartment. I promise, the beginning is not indicative of the rest of the movie.



ah, digital music

I write this post from a safe place. A place where I know, no matter how many times I click "Reader Comments: Allow," no one will be allowed to comment on (a) my age or (b) my weirdass taste in music.


Thanks to the efforts of a certain sweetie I have all of my old college mp3s on HotCop's new computer for my iTuning pleasure.

Granted, he did all this work over the 4th of July weekend, and I've been listening ever since but there was something about the way Party Shuffle selected a live version of Sarah McLachlan singing Oh, Canada! followed by Cotton Eyed Joe followed by Marc Cohen's True Companion that really inspired me to write.

Because, the truth is, I had Napster in college. Free, illegal Napster in all it's glory. Napster is the reason I have Take On Me (A Ha!) as well as She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (Kenny Chesney).

Before I went to college, I didn't know what an mp3 was. My friend Drooly Dave set me up with Napster and WinAmp one day when I was mad at my first-semester-freshman-year-best-friend. Isn't everyone best friends with everyone else first semester freshman year? See, Drooler told me, this is what Lauren can't get to work. I spent many a Wednesday night downloading music when I should've been studying Psych 101.

Now there is some music I've paid for: that song from one of the last episodes of Veronica Mars' 2nd season. You know the one; the one that was playing when Logan told her their love was epic. Epic! A couple of (legally) free iTunes most inspired by episodes of The OC when it was good.

And, really, who's music collection would be complete without G-love & Special Sauce?

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in that case, mine is not a welcome mat either.

notwelcome mat




If you still want to be able to comment on other people's Blogger blogs, don't sign up for Blogger in beta. Listen up:

CHEDDAR EXPRESS: What are cheese curds? Did you eat any at the MN State Fair? Chicken soup with dumplings is one of my favorite things to make in the winter, even Joe likes it(or pretends). Homemade stock/broth makes it.

SUCKING AT GEO: Is that a tooth coming in on the bottom?/ The only gripe I have about Katie's jacket is that it doesn't seem to fit properly. Why are the buttons straining? It's actually very fashion-forward to continue wearing white after Labor Day. I read it in Vogue ;-).

TO BRAD FOR HIS SPACED COMMENT: :,-( Sometimes hair experiments go awry.

I suppose I could sign up for a new account.


mailing it in.

Here is a post.

Long weekend last weekend, even longer week this week.
Sunday School starts back tomorrow.
We went to Bay Days.
The new house has more crickets inside than the old house.
I find cricket legs on the living room floor all the time.
Summer is over.

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a day at the zoo.

Finally gives up the goat food. After spending Monday home sick and spending yesterday home with the tropical storm, I was a bit stir crazy this morning. I was especially happy Joe asked me to go with him to the Virginia Zoo. I'd wanted to go since the first time I worked at dCompany and drove by it every day (the second time I worked at dCompany I took another route, like I was driving to a different place). The Prairie Dogs are coming! Soon they will be here! Yay! Prarie dogs!, signs proclaimed.

I love zoos. For the most part, I think, they do alot of good for wildlife (mostly reversing damage caused by humans, I imagine). Loved the San Diego Zoo and perhaps you've noticed my affection for Tai Shan.

The Virginia Zoo was fun, and had going for it the fact that it was up the street--withing theoretical walking distance, if you didn't have to walk all around once you got there. Joe liked feeding the goats, for 25 cents a piece of goat food, and I especially liked the meerkats and elephants, of course.

The first time we got to the prairie dog habitat there was a sign: "The prairie dogs will return! After yesterday's heavy rains, some of their tunnels collapsed and they are busy rebuilding. We expect them to be out later!" Ah! Later! Good. After more walking and elephant peeping, and wondering if raw gazelle meat really tastes all that good to a lion, we headed back to see The Prairie Dogs! Yay! They are here! Turns out they weren't, however, and we were only treated to zoo volunteers mucking out the habitat.

Still a good day, though with three more things checked off the "we have to do this before Joe leaves downtown" list.

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