it's an exciting movie

Some of you kids who are more hip to the Internets and Star Wars than I am may have seen this. But it's so cute! Watch it again!

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what is YOUR second favorite Cranberries song?

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friday. relief.

I know you don't smoke weed... I know this. But I'm gonna get you hiiigh today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do ...

This post has nothing to do with Mary Jane, and everything to do with my utter relief today is Friday. And also that I need to queue up the movie Friday, for two reasons (1) I'm quite confident that Joe hasn't seen it, and I can't marry him until he does and (2) I haven't watched it in maybe 5 years.

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happy VD

I heart you.



provel cheese: a review

No, not review as in "this cheese was suitably sharp with a nice melting quality" but rather "here are all the ways which Joe and I ate this cheese."

I have written about my love of cheese before and I think it may soon be time for a new list of cheeses in my refridgerator. However, first thing is first: let's talk about provel.

For those of you deprived souls who have never had provel cheese, here is a convenient link to its wiki article. And for those who don't click links here is a convenient summary of it: cheese from St. Louis. The article doesn't say, but my cheese package lists the following types of cheeses as ingredients: cheddar, swiss, provolone. I imagine the "smoke flavor" listed also adds quite a bit of flavor.

I was first introduced to provel when Joe brought it back from St. Louis after his first visit way back on '05 (?). I next had it when Joe and I drove out to STL on his move to CO. This most recent batch came from the cheese head on his trek out here in Jan.

In St. Louis we had it on pizza, but we have yet to do that here. Here's how we HAVE eaten it:

  • melted on a Tom-burger -- how apropos!
  • on a grilled turkey and ham sandwich-- a nice flavor
  • on a regular roast beef sandwich with lettuce, pickles, mayo, etc
  • in a chicken quesadillas -- was too heavy with the colby jack i put in them too.
  • in grilled cheese -- a lovely smooth melt
  • in queso (!!) -- this was probably my favorite, in fact I prefer it over the usual Velveeta.

We still have some left-- any suggestions?

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imagine my surprise

...when this email appeared in my inbox a couple weeks ago:

i didn't know we were expecting.

I asked Joe if there was something he needed to tell me.

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