last party for hotcop before The Big Day

The evening started great with pedicures all around. HotCop had no idea where we were going, thus the blindfold:


A typical downtown nite: Guadalajara dinner, popped across the street for drinks at Baxter's (where HC's friends thought the people were "stuck-up"), then a couple doors down for cocktails at Scotty Quixx (which the same girls who found people snobby at Baxter's loved... seriously). At Quixx we ran into a few guys I went to high school with, one of whom is marrying my dentist's daughter the same day HC is getting married. Also the same guy who tried to sell HC and P-har a $300 tree. Small world, man.

After Quixx it was time to leave Granby, so we ended up at McFadden's in good ol' H-Town. HC and I ran around, dancing, drinking and generally having a great time-- in the background I kept hearing them talk about some guy named Vanilla Ice. Why is this DJ calling himself Vanilla Ice? I wondered. Later, we caught back up with T-Cop who took us out back for a surprise.

As it turns out, it actually was Vanilla Ice. Or "Rob" as he likes to be called now:

ice ice baby

I told him the confusion. I can't remember if he was amused.

Highlight- spinning around w/ HotCop on the dance floor.
Lowlight- when "Rob" signed the ass of HC's skirt, ruining it forever. Wish I had been sober enough to stop her from implementing that idea.

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may 31, 2008

we hope you can save the date.

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Even THOUGH it's "exclusive" and even THOUGH only 5 were sold in North America...THIS PURSE IS STILL UGLY. BLEH.

Give me a Birkin at half the price and twice the class.

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i love post secret.

Or watch it here.

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one party down, one to go.

My mom and I threw a luau-themed wedding shower for HotCop and Mr. HotCop (P-har) this weekend. A smashing success as few cheesy games were played, the food was excellent, and the punch was tasty as well. "We should have rum in this!"

The bride and me:

me & the bride

My parents:

mom & dad

The happy couple exchanges roles:

happy couple

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crossing the bridge-tunnel

I won't miss tunnel traffic. I won't miss sitting for ages in the baking hot sun because some foolio changed lanes in the tunnel.

I will miss looking out my passenger-side window and seeing the water.

Today I saw a school of dolphins on my commute home. Some people haven't ever seen dolphins. More people haven't ever seen dolphins after a long, boring day at the office. I do love the water.



you know you've said it

"It's not the heat...it's the humidity."

Lots of yous have lived in VA. You've said it. I've said it. Put your hands up.

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