i think

Good guys are better for, you know, real relationships and marriage and stuff.

But assjacks make for better TV.

As evidenced by: Veronica & Duncan VERSUS Veronica & Logan.

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who's that girl?

thought it was time for a change.



public service announcement

For all Tivo-using 24 fans:

You probably already know this, but the 24 movie tonight is not called 24. It's called 24: Redemption. Set your DVR accordingly.

Thank you. We now return you to your irregularly-blogged distractions.

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i do love Romeo & Juliet.

Man, I hadn't watched Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo & Juliet for ages. Probably since way before HotCop and I moved out of our house on N First Street. It's true, I love it-- probably more for the context of my life in which I saw it for the first time than for the reasons I list below:

  • Michael as Mercutio! Funny AND badass. I will always love the line "Ask for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man."
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo -- because in this version his main job is to look delectable (sorry honey) enough for Juliet to fall in love with him and not look stupid in a Hawaiian shirt. It's before he got all old and hard looking.
  • Claire Danes as Juliet -- I'm from the My So-Called Life generation. There is no greater dramatic teenager than Angela. The look she gives when she says "What satisfaction canst thou have?" OMG. Great.
  • Paul Rudd as Paris! Hot & goofy, exactly what he should be.
  • Love love love the music.
  • It's just kind of a steamy movie, don't you think?

I have a love/hate relationship with Luhrmann's twist on the ending -- I *hate* that she says his lips are still warm because HE IS STILL ALIVE OF COURSE THEY ARE. And I *hate* that he says "thus with a kiss I die" after she is awake. But-- but-- as I watched it today I still got that "wait, maybe she'll wake up in time" feeling even though it's FREAKING ROMEO & JULIET for Pete's sake.

I love it. I do.

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think azeroth has ever been listed under location?

For the 'his' version, that is:


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OMG, ya'll. (times two. i really should make that a tag)

Even tho I'm far more excited about Twilight (video begins when site is loaded) than a 20-something married woman should be, I STILL WISH it was Harry Pocket & the Half-Blood Prince coming out next week.

Here's why.

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love this.

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joe hates these

joe hates these
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Space boot season has begun!



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Now that I'm halfway into my second Fat Tire, I wonder if I should have saved my two-beer nite for tomorrow. Celebrate victory or drown my sorrows.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Thank goodness Presidential elections only come every four years. My poor weak heart couldn't take it.

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Is this what it is like to have a husband?

Is this what it is like to have a husband?
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Breakfast in bed!


i just want to go the effing library.

Ughhhhhhhhh. It's just so irritating that the two freaking municipalities can't come up with an agreement so I can go to the library that:

1. I like
2. is convenient to my home.
3. is conveniently on my way home from work.

I was mad at Louisville for wanting more money from Superior, then mad at Superior for wanting me to PAY FOR MY LIBRARY CARD. I've had a library card since before I even had an allowance. Growing up in my family meant getting a library card as soon as you learned how to write your name. I had that freaking card with my name scrawled on the back in blue ink until I moved to Colorado (and I may still have it). LIBRARY CARDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. Now, of course...

Since forking over the cash is no longer even an option for me, all I can think is that I'd pay the $30 they wanted, and would probably pay more than that. BUT THE CITY OF LOUISVILLE WON'T TAKE MY MONEY. Literally. Therefore, they get nothing. Not my money, not the town's money. BUT I AM* THE ONE WHO LOSES.

My anger is probably irrational, as I think I can join Broomfield or Boulder (and may even be able to use my card in Louisville, my righteous indignation has prevented me from researching thoroughly). But the fact is I already HAVE a library card. I EVEN HAVE A FINE!!

Ugh, this post is going nowhere and writing it is making me madder still. I am being a baby and I don't care. At least you can just close your browser window or navigate elsewhere. Poor Joe has to listen to me.

*Also any other Superior residents who use the library but whatevs.

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