alot alike.

alot alike

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on my way out the door this morning

HotCop: Have a good day!
Me: You too.... Call me later!
HotCop: WHAT??
HotCop: OK!!

I hope someone lets us live somewhere :-(.

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vacating the premises.

So, HotCop and I have to be out of our house in 30 days.

When my landlord told me this (for the record, we are NOT being evicted, our month-to-month lease is being terminated) my first thought was Are you kidding? You're the shithead!! Well, that's a lie because he was talking around the subject so much my first thought was Heh? and I had to say Um, so, are we being asked to vacate the premises?

We've BEEN wanting to move, but I'm just too lazy to clean out the attic. And my closet.

But, when he received a letter from Codes & Compliance saying he was in violation of um, several codes and compliances, and when I called Saturday evening with a LEAK INTO MY CLOSET WHICH CAUSED A LOT OF GROSS MILDEW AND YUCKINESS, I guess those was the last straw.

He's BEEN wanting us to move, but the ganja he and his [common-law? not sure] wife-- smoke daily really makes it so he doesn't have any get-up-and-go. We call her Dime Bag, a nickname which is appropriate because her first name is a monetary amount as well.

Also, we ask for too much. LIKE: the broken toilet in the 1/2 bath to be fixed, the leaky gutter right over our kitchen door to be repaired, A KEY TO THE FRONT DOOR, the broken window in HotCop's room (from Hurricane Isabel!!!!! in 2003!!!) to be fixed. That's just the beginning. We're not going to talk about the new kitchen linoleum we were promised when HotCop moved in three years ago, the side yard in which we park, I could go on and on.

But I won't. Time to move on.

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erika - TiVo = joe - WoW = cranky

Tivo Addict

I write this only because yesterday I watched everything TiVo had saved for me (that I wanted to) and didn't have any Netflix left.



What a lucky girl I am.

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one a penny, two a penny

I have vivid childhood memories of Hot Cross Buns both this kind and this kind.

Anyone else?

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Today is Joe's birthday. Here is a picture of him on his birthday last year:

Happy Joe

That is a shot of "something sweet" and his chocolate peanut butter birthday cake Baybreeze made him. Tasty.


Tell him yourself here.



st. paddy's pics

After only one drink:


No explanation necessary:


Ball or boob? You decide.

Ball or Boob?

Designated Blarney Stone:

Designated Blarney Stone

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the morning after.


For those following along, what once was lost is now found.

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erin go bragh


Erin Go Braugh


Éire go brách


Éirinn gu bràth


An excuse to wear my KISS ME: DESIGNATED BLARNEY STONE button out tonight.

Or maybe I'll let Brad wear it instead.



2,050 years ago.

Listen to how you can Inhale a Bit 'o' Caesar. Gross.


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In all honesty, this freaks me out a little bit, I'm not sure why. Maybe because my uterus starts to scream at the thought of four babies. But. Cute. Also: quadruplets. QUADRUPLETS. FOUR.



How I knew it was time for new blue socks.

Sock Issues.



oh, yanni.

Your music is so peaceful. And nature-y.

Yet you are so violent.

I had such hope for you and your hat.


no spoilers here.

Especially since I'm one episode and two hours behind everyone else who watches 24. The glory of TiVo!!

Anyway, as it turns out, one of the Teaching Assistants for the program in which I studied in Italy was on last week's episode. Yes, America, that would be RoboCop.

Peter Weller and I had a particularly strange encounter on a field trip to Assisi (as in St. Francis Of).

Let me preface this by saying the program's required field trips started -very- early in the morning. At approximately ass o'clock. And I was probably feeling rough around the edges from a night of drinking. Anyway. RoboCop.

I boarded the bus and sat down in towards the front. Annoying Jaime sat next to me. Jaime was the MOST annoying person ever. EVER. I put on my headphones so we wouldn't have to speak.

Peter had an English-language newspaper. The International Herald Tribune. English-language newspapers were like gold in the fall of 2001, for obvious reasons. Unless you got there early, no newsstand ever had them, and though I look back on my Italian language proficiency with rose-colored glasses, my comprehension was NEVER good enough to read an Italian newspaper.

Thus, I asked Peter, who was sitting one row in front of me, if I could read his newspaper. He turned his head slowly to face me, and only made it about halfway. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, in a sort of condescending way I can still picture today. What are you listening to? he asked, clearly sure the answer would be oh, Destiny's Child or Hootie & The Blowfish.

Ella Fitzgerald, I replied. He raised his eyebrows. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but I passed him my DiscMan (It was '01!) and Peter passed me his newspaper. I was to return the paper exactly as it was given to me, perfectly folded with the sections in the correct order.

By the time I was done with the paper, Peter was asleep. I heard someone calling my name from behind me. Erika! Can I read your newspaper? my Italian class dialogue partner asked.

I looked at a sleeping RoboCop. I looked back at my friend. Sure! I passed the newspaper back to her.

A few minutes later, Peter turned around. He smiled at me as he returned my cd player. Her voice is like butter, he said, better than, say, Beyoncé.

I like Beyoncé! annoying Jaime said. I rolled my eyes.

Where's my paper?
You were asleep so I lent it to my friend.

RoboCop rolled his eyes.

For the record, when I returned his newspaper, it looked just like when I borrowed it.

In short:

  • Peter Weller likes Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Peter Weller is interested in the art of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Peter Weller is a little anal about his newspapers.
  • Peter Weller probably doesn't remember any of this.

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"what with the sexual subjugation of women..."

Yes, apparently It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp. (The quote in my title came from ENews, BTW). BUT WHAT ABOUT DOLLY???

I love Reese Witherspoon. Ever since I read in Vogue that she drinks regular Coca-cola-- not Diet Coke-- Reese and I have been inseparable. After all: The rules of hair care are simple and finite! Any Cosmo girl would've known!

Enough about Oscar®. More about Me™.

I was in a fashion show this weekend for my roommate's mom's business. Sometimes it's fun to get all dressed up, do your hair, put on makeup and actually feel pretty. Oh, but it was nice to put my sweatpants on that afternoon. But it's SO.MUCH.EFFORT. to do my hair right now. Look for about 1.5"- 2" to be gone after Saturday.

I rarely write about Sunday School other than too say I was too hung over to go but I think we had a good lesson this week. "Eye-for-an-eye" mentality of the Old Testament and "Turn the other cheek" of the New Testament. I was not particularly proud of my line "Just think about what JESUS would want you to do." I try not to use such cliché-sounding lines but BOY were Sarcastro and Home-Schooled being annoying. I needed something they couldn't argue with. Jesus was the answer.

Joe picked the movies this weekend: Go and Chasing Amy. At first, my roommate and I really wondered why it was Chasing AMY. Her NAME isn't Amy!!

HotCop made THE BEST roasted potatoes for dinner last night. From a recipe in one of my Cook's Country magazines. The chicken was pretty good too, but this is the best ice cream ever. I may never buy regular ice cream again. So.Good.

Eventful weekend.

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how to improve a college experience.

This would have made for a very different time at good ol' G-burg.

The important question is: would the drinks have been free?

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