gobble, gobble

Though there were fewer pies and there wasn't any vodka, it was still a happy Thanksgiving here in CO with my extended family.

I made:

pigs in a blanket (called weenies in my family)
two pans of sweet potatoes, one with nuts and one without
chocolate chip pie
pecan pie

Right before our first Thanksgiving together two years ago I asked Joe what his favorite Thanksgiving dish was, thinking the answer would be "stuffing" or "mashed potatoes" or "turkey." Nope. Sausage was his answer. Polish sausage to be exact, boiled up and served in honor of his Polish heritage.

Along with the sausage this year, he got the "Polak" jokes from my uncle and cousins-in-law. I got the blond jokes though I told them I wasn't blond anymore. Sigh. When I warned him that he may be asked if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, I didn't have any idea about the racial slurs.

Really, I promise we had a good holiday!!

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bottle of light corn syrup + ceramic tile = hugely sticky mess and a potentially sugar-high cat.

Thank goodness I cheaped out and bought the plastic-bottled store brand as opposed to the glass-bottled Karo. Only the lid broke, so half of the syrup ended up on my kitchen floor and and half stayed in the bottle, ready to be included in my pecan pie this afternoon.

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the big game

happy anticipation

Look for these two goofballs in the stands on Monday Night Football today.

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wii've got a new friend

It's been nice knowing you.

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tastes like air.


worth the click.

Make sure your headphones are on.

Not babies or animals and totally SFW.

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fridge watching.

My blogging philosophy is simple: if you can't think of something, steal someone else's idea. Therefore, here is my fridge for you to watch:

Erika & Joe's Fridge:


Grapes, a big bowl of the soup I made that was too spicy, some homemade chicken stock defrosting to make the soup less spicy, cat food and a 12 pack of diet Pepsi. Plus various types of cheeses in the top drawer and both crispers filled mostly with veggies.

This fridge is from Superior, Colorado.


The fridge door. Two kinds of mustard, two kinds of salsa (there is a third not on the door), three kinds of salad dressing, Coke, mayo, coffee beans, Velveeta, a random energy drink, and the largest bottle of ketchup Target sells.


Frozen corn, Brad's soy ice cream, frozen pizza, Smart Ones, frozen edamame, more homemade chicken stock, buns, low fat ice cream sandwiches, Girl Scout cookies and misc meats.


The freezer door. Three types of peas, more Girl Scout cookies, Boca burgers, chicken wings, the heels of the bread waiting to be turned into bread crumbs and some leftover poached chicken I made.

What's in your fridge?

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scorpios are NOT evil

Born November 2

The year ahead is one of steady growth and a strong sense of direction. Your ability to meet your responsibilities enthusiastically earns your credits. Especially profound discoveries and inspired ideas are also featured. Some inclination towards extravagance and perhaps even obsessiveness in your romantic and recreational life is indicated. However, it is easier to break free from habits that have held you back in the past, and to adopt new and improved methods

As my sister and I decided, birthdays are all about "Yay! You!" So...

Yay! Me!!


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my good friend.

Yesterday was Vanilla Ice's birthday. He turned 39.

ice ice baby

(I thought twice before giving this a celebrity tag.)

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