seriously, this is why i don't bake.

Joe and I split the first piece of the cinnamon-raisin bread I whipped up in the new bread machine. I ate the REST OF THE LOAF.

In other much sadder news, I'm flying to Cedar Rapids, IA (yes, that Cedar Rapids) on Sunday for a family emergency involving my 94 year old grandmother, Mable Valentine. She lives in the northeast corner of IA, in a small town called Sumner. I can't remember if there is a stoplight in the town.

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what the spork?


"we'll find out when a traditional mommy goes from Leave it to Beaver to My Two Dads for the next 30 days!"

Ah, Morgan. It's good to have you back.

So far...

A hunter from North Carolina went to live with a family of PETA vegans for 30 days. He dressed up like a chicken and "killed" Colonel Sanders. He saved a baby calf and fell in love with her.

A former football player spent 30 days in a wheelchair. He was allowed to stretch his legs once a day, and spent a lot of time with


A Mormon mommy went to live with a gay couple and their 4 children for 30 days.

Dude, I love this show.

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I made salsa last night.

I got jalapeƱo juice under my fingernail.

It still burns this morning.


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we had a good time

We hope you did, too.

Other photos here

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powerless morning

Not an accurate description.

The power flickered twice before it went off for a couple hours at about 8 am. Joe missed his usual bus, and I missed some work time trying to find a place that (a) had power and (b) had wireless. Both Panera and my neighborhood coffee shop were out.

I ended up at LaMar's donuts. A donut shop is not the worst place to be forced to work, that's for sure.

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