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You Go, Squirrel.

Squirrels freak me out... but you have to check out this site.

You Go, Squirrel.




23 people and 1 vegan at Thanksgiving dinner.

28 people and (approx) 15 pies at Thanksgiving dessert. I ate my weight in pie this weekend.

Doritos... and a bun.

Dad is retiring in May. Seems like he's not old enough. Anyone have a job for him?

I drove around all weekend with a nail in my tire. "Here's your culprit," the tire guy said to me this morning. What a great day to leave without my cell phone!

Quote of the weekend: "Dude, I'm almost 30 and I'm sleeping on the top bunk."

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I can't wait for turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes with a crunchy topping...

Sadly, I don't think there will be the pie:person ratio of 1:1. It may be 1:2, however...

I can't wait not to watch football during dinner...

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Why is it impossible to find a remoulade sauce I can make with the just what I have in my pantry?? Why??

Not even MY pantry... my MOTHER'S PANTRY. This woman has EVERYTHING.




i walked it.

Did you Walk the Line yet?

I'll walk it again, if you ask.


i've been lazy.

I have to confess: it's been difficult to get me out of the house of late. My couch, my cat, my sweatpants, my Netflix (lately: Veronica Mars Season 1 and The L Word Season 2) plus the thought of getting up early and facing 4 middle schoolers first thing on a Sunday morning have kept me hidden in the cave for a while now. Perhaps you've noticed. Perhaps not.

Either way, it's true. I've been lazy. I find the thought of loud music, smoky air, empty calories and a morning headache (and, quite frankly, the tummy ache McDonald's Value Meal #2, no onions, with a Coke just doesn't cure anymore) unappealing. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe it's just a phase.

I do miss the random conversations, though. Taking a moment. Story time. I put her to bed, fed the pussy and left.-- He showed up to their date with an electric candle, appropriate for any Yuletide celebration. --They were in the Abbey Road meeting... and I started doing the Running Man in front of Ross' office. What time is it? It's smoothie time, it's smoothie time!

I don't know what this post was about... except...

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all the reasons we watch.

Oh my...

Marissa gets kidnapped.
Ryan saves Marissa and looks pensive the whole time.
Kirsten plans a party.
Julie is a bitch.
Sandy has a moral dilemma (and likely gets screwed in the meantime.)
Summer gets mad at Seth.
Captain Oates plays an important role.
Taylor manages to look crazy, yet we feel sorry for her.
Seth geeks out.

... and... we're back.



speed of sound

Climb up, up in the trees,
every chance that you get,
is a chance you seize.
How long am I gonna stand,
with my head stuck under the sand?
I'll start before I can stop,
before I see things the right way up.

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to conclude...

My weekend didn't change.

I saw another disturbing movie.
I played Candy Land twice (and won both times).
I played The Incredibles video game (for Gamecube).
I watched part of Small Soldiers (you're going to have to IMDB that one yourself. Let's just say: Kirsten Dunst and toy soldiers which come alive. Weird.)

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weird weekend.

So far this weekend I've...

seen a disturbing movie.

channeled my college days with a late-night Taco Bell run.

baked biscuits.

had a cooking disaster.

It's only Saturday afternoon.



token OC post.

Last night's episode flew by, I thought.

  • Ryan JUST COULDN'T resist punching the Arrogant Surfer Dude Who Made Out with Girly-Boy's Girlfriend. It's the Chino in him.
  • Speaking of, Hard Core surfers, man, totally awesome.
  • Seth and Taylor? I may throw up. Should make for good Seth-and-Summer drama next week.
  • "Your ass is not meant for low-riders." Whose ass is? Besides, oh, Pre-Baby, Pre-HoBag Britney. And Angelina Jolie. And yet, we persist.
  • The Julie we know and hate may be back next week.

So... Will Julie sink that low, and go with 7's idea to swindle the Newpsies? Is she that jealous if Kirsten? What is UP with the new guy at the Newport Group?

Next week: all the reasons you watch the OC.


not the size of a stick of butter anymore.




He said don't rush to get grown drive slow homey
Drive slow homey
Drive slow...

...Drive slow homey
If you ridin around the city with nowhere to go
Drive slow homey
Live today cuz tomorrow man you never know.




That's all I can say...

Oh, and...

No more bar crawls for me. I mean it. No.More.Bar.Crawls. Remember the After the Wine Festival photo? Multiply that by 100 and then you have how I looked (and felt!) all day yesterday. No.More.Bar.Crawls.

No more drunken texting for me. I say mean things, then empty my Outbox and can't remember what they were. No.More.Drunken.Texting.

Ah-ha! I just remembered what the name of the English/Math/Computer Science Anthropology Building is at my alma mater. Just as quickly it slipped away. It starts with a G and I can't get "Gibraltar" out of my head...GLATFELTER! That's it. There was a boy in my class with GLATFELTER as a last name. Wonder how he got in. (The stairs you see in the lower RH corner of the photo are to the horrible modern Psych building, of which I cannot remember the name. It had a funny smell.)

Glatfelter Lodge was my favorite building on campus. Cute, huh? I think it used to be a fraternity house. Why would anyone put dirty fraternity boys in that lovely little building? Perhaps they were not as dirty back in the day...



the oc is back, all is right with the world.

I think my OC sixth sense has diminished. I mean...

  • What the SPORK is up with 7 of 9 and Julie? With the condo? Huh? And the weird boyfriend? Of course, we knew there would be a way to make Julie hate-able again.
  • Why does Marissa's new potential love interest look so much like a girl? Marissa as a lesbian is SO last season.
  • Why does Kirsten only stare our the window and cook? Is that her version of stay-at-home mom?
  • I honestly did NOT predict Ryan walking into that diner. I really thought he would go off to sea.

"Taylor Trash." Ha.



Happy Birthday, Worm.

Today is my former roommate Kara's birthday.

Dr. Kara Alexandra O'Donnell, III, Esq. (aka "Worm") and I met our freshman year at lovely Gettysburg College. We both loved it there (ha!).

We met in the hallway of our dorm in the wee hours of the morning, as then-friend crazy Lauren and I were stumbling back from a no-doubt classy fraternity. Kara was sexed-out of here room by her sluttish roommate, JenDaHo. She slept on my beanbag that night. I found out she's from NoVA, could give me a ride as far as my sisters house for Thanksgiving, and had a birthday the day after mine. Drunk conversation.

That was just the beginning...

We celebrated many birthdays together from then on out... including our 21st birthdays with a lovely party with many out of town guests, one future cop, beer pong, and the unexpected Safety & Security officers who busted it later. I still had fun, though.

Anyway, Worm, if you're out there, happy birthday and have a G&T for me.

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yes, it was my birthday yesterday.

Thanks to all for the kind wishes.

I turned 24. My work colleagues make fun of me.

People usually think I'm older; when I was growing up it was because I was tall. Now I don't know why.

The exception to this rule is Joe who, when he first met me, wondered if it was legal to ask me out to drinks with the gang. I think it was wishful thinking.

My birthday usually makes me crave change. It also sometimes causes me anxiety. No, not because I'm getting older (sometimes I think I'm older than I actually am, and I often have to think hard when asked my age).

So, to combat this, I took a long walk yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather (high of 60 and sunny), had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants here in town, didn't go to work, and had dinner with the 'rents, Joe and HotCop. And there were presents, too!

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aphorism of the day.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.