Do you ever get into random ruts? Sometimes I get in food ruts- bologna sandwiches, Progresso Tomato Rotini soup...

I also get to the stage where it seems that no one (including me-- especially me) in my life is interesting. I can't find anything new to talk about or think about or do. I get sick of my commute to work, my clothes, my job, my friends, my life. It's times like these when I'm ready to quit my job, pack up my shoes and run away.

Inevitably, I return to the stage in life where I'm satisfied ("satisfaction" is key to me- I think happiness is an ongoing process, but satisfaction is complete). But i always end up back in a rut. It's usually a different rut, mind you, but a worn out place in my life nonetheless.

Ruts. I hate 'em.

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finally, those awful characters of rebecca and lindsay are gone from the OC. i couldn't HELP but hate rebecca-- anyone who loves kirsten couldn't help it! and lindsay's character was so blah-- the whole caleb-father plotline definitely felt stale and too predicatable.

as for summer and seth-- can you say cheesy? but in a dreamy kinda way... the whole spider-man kiss scene was high in the schmaltz factor... but i loved it all the same.




it seems i have spoiled my cat so much that i can never go back. her new favorite thing is to meow the "cry meow" every morning while i get ready for work. meeeeeeeeeeew meeeeeeeeew.

i think it stems from when i used to let her sleep on my pillow as a kitten. she was so cute and tiny, i couldn't say no!

is this any indication of what kind of parent i may be? like, if my kids are too cute i won't be able to tell them no? oy!

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The Fates and me...

Why is it my gas tank is only ever empty when it's rainy?

Inevitably, I run out of gas when it's a blustery, cold and generally yucky day.

When will it be spring??