I spent this New Years' Eve tagging all my posts. It was fun to find out again about what, exactly, I blog. I blog about me, as it turns out, with stupid filler stuff a distant second. Then TV, then Joe. Some of these are overlaps, of course, but really it's All About Me.

Bet you're not surprised...



Q & A

Q: What do Joe Alread and Paris Hilton have in common?

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free wireless.

Gotta love the free wireless in X random hotel in Louisville...

We made it this far, even though it took three times as long as it should have to make it to Williamsburg from my house. Joe suffered more than I did, I think, as he didn't enjoy his books on cd. I finished Skipping Christmas and am on CD two of six of The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax. Mom and Anna picked 'em for me.

Just a few more hours tomorrow, then we'll have a nice relaxing time with the Lischkes.

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doin' the long distance thing.

Thanks, everyone, who came out last Thursday night for Joe's Last Night In Town. Many good photos and many -eh- photos can be seen here.

So much has to happen in the next few days I can't believe I'm sitting here blogging for the first time in a month or so. I guess I'm in avoidance mode. The truth is, I want to press the pause button. Do you mind if I put you on hold for a moment? I don't want him to leave, but I want him to have every opportunity he can to pursue the dream. You know the dream--where your hobby becomes your job.

I don't want to do the long distance thing for the same reason I don't really like to get on roller coasters. It's scary, and even though you can anticipate the highs and lows and what may happen, you don't really know. You can't prepare yourself enough. I'm scared. It's going to suck.

But, yes, I'm happy for him. I'm excited to spend time in STL. All that. It's still going to suck.

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