Did you know...

  • One-third pound stalk of broccoli has more vitamin C than 2 1/2 pounds of oranges or 204 apples.
  • Broccoli has been served up for dinner for at least 2,000 years
  • California is broccoli country -- growing nearly 98% of the nation's crop
  • Broccoli can help prevent cancer-- "Many fruits and vegetables are loaded with substances that seem to block cancer cells before they turn deadly. Broccoli tops the list, offering an astounding 30 types of these agents."
  • Broccoli is sexy.
  • Broccoli is high in soluble fiber.
  • Broccoli is a cool-weather crop that does poorly in hot summer weather.
  • The word broccoli comes from the Latin brachium and Italian brocco meaning 'arm', or 'branch'.
  • Dana Carvey did a sketch on Saturday Night Live where he sung an entire song about broccoli to Sigourney Weaver. The sketch was a big hit, and the song became quite popular.

Thanks to the Broccoli Institute and Wikipedia for some of these facts.

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like old times.

HotCop and I actually hung out together this weekend-- outside of church or our house. This was a big step in the friendship of two girls who would much rather watch TiVo on the couch than do just about anything.

So, we went to the happy hour she won. We hung out with a couple of her work colleagues: The One Who Was Engaged to His Cousin, The One I Went to Middle School With, The One Who Broke Her Foot While Having Sex and The One Whose Shoes Were Too Big.

Her best buddy on the force showed up late-night, but that was after the The Ebay Addict and I left because I was so drunk I couldn't hold myself up.

Quote of the Night: "If someone peed in me, I'd be pissed."

Big weekend, lotsa stuff went on, none of which will I write about on the internet.

Except: French Fries still = Miracle Hangover Cure.

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i don't know what to say.

Seth smoking pot?? Nooo...

Dr. Roberts ditched Julie Cooper-Nichol? But I was starting to like her!!


Erika ≠ Happy



out of control.

So, my cousin is getting married in May. This is one of my two cousins (both male) on my dad's side.

They are registered for this.

Stretching it? Ok, how about this?

Queen size. Are you kidding? This may be appropriate for, say, J.Lo's registry. But my family is fairly middle class, and AFAIK so are the bride's Kansas relatives.

Don't worry, they also have two other registries for people like me to buy them cheese slicers and $100 trash cans.

And I thought registering for a Artisan Stand Mixer was stretching it.

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i want to hug a baby panda.


U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick cuddles a 5-month-old panda cub during a trip to a research center in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan province, Wednesday, Jan 25. 2006. The trip highlighted a sentimental U.S.-Chinese tie amid strains over trade, human rights and other issues."For more than 30 years, pandas have been a very practical symbol of the conservation relationship between the United States and China," Zoellick told reporters later, standing beside an outdoor pen as two adult pandas wrestled inside. (AP Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel)

Yeah, whatever. I want to hug a baby panda!!


why is president bush so awesome?

This video is hilarious.

Q: Why is President Bush so awesome?
A: Because he's presiding over the most corrupt and lawless administration in a very long time and managing somehow to get away with it.
(New York City)

Q: Why is President Bush so awesome?
A: President Bush ain't awesome. He's a dickhead.
(New York City)

Q: Why is President Bush so awesome?
A: Because he's got two more years and can't run again!
(Rapid City, SD)

It's worth watching the whole thing, even if you don't think like I do.



i forgot to blog for choice.


I forgot to Blog for Choice yesterday.

You know me, a day late and a dollar-- well, I never have any money.

Anyway, I am pro-choice.

I am pro-choice.
I am pro-choice.
I am pro-choice.

Because it's my decision-- not yours.




  • I love getting my hair cut. Love having my hair washed, love discussing the new possibilities with my hairdresser, love going in to the salon looking like crap and coming out of it a new woman, love gossiping with my hairdresser.
  • Joe and I cannot find a Chinese place in Norfolk we both like. The vegetables are overcooked, they don't have the cheese wontons (you know, the fried kind), or the General Tso's chicken has a strange spongy texture.
  • My mother is a more patient woman than I am.
  • "Eet's not ahh tumaahh" or something like that. Turns out my week-long headache MAY have been a sinus headache, or a long migraine, or because of the CONSTANT, DRAMATIC weather change (damn global warming.) But, I don't seem to have any neurological problems (other than the ones we all know I have). No tumor.
  • I had a great sandwich today: cucumber, orange bell pepper, sundried tomatoes (the kind kept in olive oil), Spring Mix (fancy salad in a bag) and cream cheese on a perfectly toasted bagel. SO GOOD. Sandwich is hard to spell.

Time for a Coke Float. It's the little things.



we don't negotiate with newpsies.

The little sister and Taylor are the ONLY things saving this season so far.

Some thoughts...

  • Kaitlin is GREAT. GREAT! She is what Julie Cooper-Nichol used to be. Even Ryan fell for her little game.
  • I HAAAATE HAAAATE the stupid surfer Johnny. HAAATE him. Every time he comes on screen with his puppy dog eyes and curling-iron styled hair I want to gauge my eyes out. GOOO AWAAAAYYYYY!!
  • I love seeing Marissa get dressed in her coture in the trailer. I also love the cheesy references to Gus.
  • I'm tired of Marissa and her self-righteousness. Always wanting to help people and do the right thing. Gak.
  • Are you sure you just told her my dad voted for John Kerry? (Summer)

    Please note the cheese factor:

  • I know what it's like to fall for a Cooper girl. (Ryan)
  • Be careful around her... she's amazing... (random dude).

Next week... Seth smokes weed? Annoying surfer and fabulously bad little sister get together?


just in case you needed another reason to google.

They won't give you up.

Listen to it on Morning Edition here.

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my civic and me.





Picture 5

here is Tai Shan marinating.



we are experiencing audio difficulties.

Unofficial How Much Does Fox Suck Poll:

Were there audio difficulties during the last, crucial moments of 24 in YOUR area?

Please leave an angry comment if there were Difficulties and a taunting comment if there weren't Difficulties.




cat burglar

After my first OC TiVo experience, I was almost too excited to sleep. No commercials! I could rewind it to catch Seth's witty lines! Too good to be true!

However, to sleep I did fall, only to be awoken a short time later by someone trying to forcefully open my side door. Some notes on this door:

  • We NEVER use this door. I don't think I've ever walked through the door.
  • The storm door on this entrance is tied shut, because on several occasions the wind at our lovely Beachfront Home has been so strong it blows open and forces me to call my roommate in a panic, claming someone is trying to break in.
  • This door is right outside my bedroom door (1st floor bedroom).

Anyway, someone was trying to break in, I was sure of it. I had JUST watched a particularly disturbing episode of It Takes a Thief. Did I deadbolt all the doors? I wondered. I snuck out of bed and checked all three. Yes, deadbolts and handles locked all around. So, I took a course of action natural when your roommate is a cop: I called my roommate in a panic and claimed someone was trying to break in.

HotCop: Hey, what's up?
Me: I think someone is trying to get in the side door.
HotCop: Are you sure it's not just the wind? [I could hear her doubt.]
Me: I'm pretty sure. It sounds like [insert noise here].
HotCop: Do you want me to dispatch someone to check for a prowler?
Me: I don't know...

NOW, to be clear-- I called her in the hopes she would say "Don't worry, I'm on my way home with my blue lights, siren and firearm." Instead, she dispatched one of her policy academy buddies.

Not two minutes later, I saw their bright alley lights shining into our backyard and heard one of the FOUR officers who showed up checking our external doors.

As the officers checked our house, I was on the phone with my roommate again, and heard her talking into her radio. No, this is [Whatever number] it's my roommate and she doesn't want to come to the door. Ok. She told me she'd call back,

In the two minutes before she called me back I convinced myself they had found someone lurking in our yard. They wanted to break in, I thought, I was being quiet so they didn't know I was here [this despite the two cars in our driveway/sideyard]. I hadn't heard the noise the whole time the officers were outside, nor since they'd left.

Even after HotCop called me back and assured me the officerS didn't find anything wrong, I was still scared. Go back to sleep, she said, I'll be home soon with my firearm. Ok, thanks for sending people. And why is your cat howling like crazy?

I laid in bed with the covers pulled all the way up to my chin. (Pulling them over my head would have been far too juvenile).

Then I heard the noise again. I was far more awake and coherent at that point, for obvious reasons. Man, I thought, that really sounds like it could be the door to the hall bathroom.[also right outside my bedroom door]

I gathered my couraged, walked (didn't sneak, like before) into the hall and opened the bathroom door.

HOWWWL, said Mean Ol' Sandy, as she came sprinting out of the bathroom, having been locked in for the past few hours, even as the cops came looking for her in the backyard.

Apparently, in my house, It Takes a Cat. Sigh.

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do you need help, little man?


I fell out of my chair.

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weekly oc post goes here.

This it the time when I generally would post about last night's episode of The OC. But -eh- I just can't get inspired. Sadly, what I remember as the best quote was from Summer: "I wish I could, like, TiVo it and watch it over and over." Maybe I should start writing these things down.

Anyway, there just wasn't enough drama! The whole Save Marissa campaign was cute, but the hearing itself made me want to throw up a little.


  • Are Summer's dad and Julie Cooper going to become alcoholics together?
  • I WANT THAT STUPID GIRLY BOY GONE!! Alas, he will not be. I WOULD EVEN PREFER OLIVER. Yes, Marissa is fabulous but GO AWAAAAAAY.
  • "You can have more than a ride, you're spending the night, girl!" GAAAAK
  • Ok, this was funny "Any other night, and you would involved in candle wax, tube socks and the new Fiona Apple cd." From Taylor, no less.
  • The ball-busting mother? Oh puh-leeze.

Maybe once the sister comes back it will be better. One can only hope!






stole this post from Brad

Get Firefox

Firefox is better, if only because it doesn't come from Microsoft.

Firefox is better, because of the tabbed browsing (I have five open now.) Also the Google tool bar. ALSO MICROSOFT SUCKS.

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today's things.

  • Plastic bowls collect bacteria and can cause acne in cats. Catne, if you will.
  • Erika S. in Michigan likes to shop at the Marathon Ashland. She buys gas, mostly.
  • Carlos works in the Fraud division of my bank.
  • The baby panda may or may not be active at 11 am. I will learn that tomorrow. My sister will learn that on Feb 26 when she goes to see him in real life.
  • Carlos in Fraud will give me back my money when Erika in Michigan spends it at the Marathon Ashland. With her counterfeit debit card.
  • Brad would DIE today without his debit card. It's a good thing there's no Brad Defruiter in Michigan.

Does anyone know a notary nearby?

That was kind of a lot for one day.

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heaven help us if he gets confirmed.

"I am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government has argued in the Supreme Court that racial and ethnic quotas should not be allowed and that the Constitution does not protect a right to abortion."

That would be from W's recent Supreme Court nomineee Alito. I don't know how that sounds to you, but it absolutely sounds like this guy will be a great replacement for a centrist judge. What a relief.


guess who has a blog...

If you already know this man, you will be happy to click here.

If you don't already know him-- welcome.


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Why can't kids have Trapper Keepers(tm) anymore?

Google "No trapper keepers"-- 134,000 hits!!

My Trapper Keeper was purple, I think.



some images.

So, I promised photos.

Here you will see the klassiest decorations in Ass-roe:


A Merry Christmas at my parents' house:

Mom's Tree

A Happy New Year with great companions.

Happy 2006

Such a happy New Year, I had trouble dressing the next morning:

Can't dress myself

Also this cause I can't resist (even though she's not mine):


And this cause I'm the biggest dork ever:


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mom says be careful.

Don't listen to you iPod too long or too loud.

UPDATE: Pete Townshend agrees.

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